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April 4, 2007
Attention: Francesco DiMarco

Gift of Life Inc.  Director of Gift of Life Italy
My niece, Sarah Baghdad Belhadj, of Algeria was diagnosed at 5 months with transposed ventricles.  It’s a serious condition and would have been operated on in the first two weeks of life if she were in the USA.  Care in Algeria is unfortunately limited, so I began to see what possibilities there were in the world to help this baby.

We had contacted the program in California, the The Next Right thing and they had forwarded us to. Giancarlo Crupi in Italy.  A doctor here in the USA said that the baby’s condition wouldn’t be able to take a 9-hour flight and to seek care in Europe. 

We were introducted to Francesco DiMarco at the Gift of Life Inc, to assist us with treatment in Bergamo.  He in turn has requested care from Lombardia.

We are ever grateful to the response we have received from around the World.  If you have any further questions, you can contact myself at 239-738-****.  Sarah DeFlumeri.

I will be there in Bergamo with the Mother and the Baby as well to oversee the situation.
Sarah DeFlumeri

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