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Sarah DeFlumeri Testimony

April 4, 2007 Attention: Francesco DiMarco Gift of Life Inc.  Director of Gift of Life Italy My niece, Sarah Baghdad Belhadj, of Algeria was diagnosed at 5 months with transposed ventricles.  It’s a serious condition and would have been operated on in the first two weeks of life if sh
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Gift of Life

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Video Two
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Video One
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les Bonnes oeuvres du cœur conference de presse 19 oct 2012

L’association les Bonnes oeuvres du cœur, l’association américaine Gift Of Life et l’hôpital de Bergame Beato Giovanni (Italie) ont signé, vendredi à Casablanca, une convention pour développer la chirurgie cardiologique de l’enfant.
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